Branding, identity design.
Role: Designer, director

I was invited by Juan Ramón Martín (Director de imagen y creatividad, ATRESMEDIA) to join his team in the development of the branding identity of the new ATRESMEDIA group (former Grupo Antena 3).
My tasks included working in the final design of the logo, color schemes; creativity, design and directing of the on-air branding idents; an animation system for the various channels' on-screen bugs; e-mail signatures; and stationery.

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Storyboard for the 10" Ident.

Design for the idents, where it all comes from:
Structured arrangement of all the channel's elements around the flat logo.

Logo unfolding from white storyboard.

Landing webpage, adapted from the main "origami" structure to acomodate all the companies in the group.
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Logos for the different areas and business divisions.
We decided to use the "origami" motive for the divisions -which are companies on their own- combined with a unique color for each.

Logo design for special uses, as is the case of CEO's stationery, glass doors vinyls and black and white uses.